Our passion is to create something truly befitting of the client receiving the bespoke item of jewellery, and from concept to design, the clients input is an integral part of the bespoke service. We work very closely with every client to understand and educate the possibilities within their budget. Once a gemstone has been picked, we start the process of the design, from looking at different setting options to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of casting in different precious metals. With this information along with the design brief from the client, we create the initial drawing design via CAD.

From this 3D perspective the client can see the design in its entirety whilst having the ability to make any amendments they wish, until completely satisfied. It is only after their design has been perfected do we then start the manufacturing process. Our British manufacturers have over 25 years of experience crafting fine jewellery, and the idea of working as closely with the client as possible is to ensure that we create the perfect bespoke piece of jewellery, so that it is as personal as the journey we take together.